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October 09, 2023

Check Out The Features Of A High-Tech Home Security System In Elizabethtown

Would you like to be able to check real-time footage from exterior surveillance systems or lock your primary entrance from any location using your phone? These sorts of actions are now feasible by virtue of the emergence of wireless technology and automated systems. Learn more about what a high-tech home security system in Elizabethtown is able to do and see how you can elevate your family’s safety and convenience.

Connect To Your Elizabethtown System From Anywhere

One of the hallmarks of advanced, high-tech security for homes is online availability and control. Going through a home security app on your smartphone, you are able to link to your system and its devices from anywhere. Gadgets like a video doorbell will not only permit you to observe who’s in front of your door but also communicate with them through two-way audio. Need to open the door to let a cleaning crew in? Not a problem. You can quickly unlock smart locks from your phone.

Experience The Perks Of Automation

Increased convenience, security, and even energy savings are all possible when you take advantage of your home security system’s automated devices. Here are a few of the incredible things you are able to do:

  • Have your doors lock automatically. You could even have locks engage when it’s time for bed or when you leave for your workplace.
  • Schedule your thermostat to update settings at certain times. You could set your thermostat to 77 degrees when the house is vacant and instruct it to go back to the standard 72 before the kids arrive from school. This is a nice way to cut costs and reduce energy use.
  • Put lights on a schedule. A property that looks occupied is not as likely to be a target of prowlers. You may arrange for lights to turn on at different times and even integrate multiple schedules so it appears more random. This is a valuable perk when you’re taking a trip.
  • Customize devices to work in unison. Enhance safety and deter thieves by having inside lights switch on when suspicious activity is captured by outside surveillance. Furthermore, you could have your main entry unlock when a smoke alarm is triggered, facilitating your exit.

Increase Convenience With Vocal Directives In Elizabethtown

Online access and automation are fantastic benefits, but you can take things a step further with options like spoken commands. The smart speaker you love using can be connected to components like your lighting and thermostat. Getting warm when in the kitchen? Simply issue a command to lower the temperature. Need more illumination when you get home from the store? Turn on smart lights with a simple spoken instruction.

Initiate Automation With Geofencing

You can also have elements of your home adjust simply according to your smartphone’s location. This is achieved through GPS technology and geofencing. Essentially, a virtual boundary is created around your property at a distance you specify. You might set a radius of two or three miles. When your smartphone moves into that zone, you might have your thermostat automatically adjust so your interior is nice and comfortable when you arrive home. You might also have lighting come on or locks deactivate as you cross the virtual fence.

Want To Get High-Tech Security For Your Elizabethtown Home? Call Secure24 Alarm Systems

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