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Home with security lighting around entry points
November 13, 2023

Helpful Tips For Integrating Home Security Lighting In Elizabethtown

Deterrence is a critical part of your home’s protection, and one of the leading ways to deter burglars is by using lights. A nicely illuminated landscape not only looks terrific, it’s also less likely to have break-ins. If you want to enhance your home’s security, review these worthwhile recommendations for home security lighting in Elizabethtown. We have some ideas for outdoor and indoor illumination that will assist your family.

Add Security And Charm With Landscape Lighting

The right type of exterior lighting and well-placed outdoor cameras will help immensely in keeping invaders away from your residence. Implement the following Elizabethtown exterior lighting recommendations.

  • Be sure access points are illuminated: Your front door and rear entrance continue to be the most typical places for break-ins. Make sure those entries are covered but don’t forget your garage. While powerful motion-detecting floodlights are a popular choice in this area, it’s not your only possibility. As an alternative to blinding your neighbors whenever wildlife scurries past, consider using less offensive lights that remain on throughout the night. Sure, vivid, motion-detecting floodlights may scare off unwanted guests, but having a properly positioned light that stays lit is more likely to keep them away from your property altogether.
  • Incorporate versatile task lights: Those enchanting lights next to your paver walkway do more than help you see in the dark. They also let you see parts of your landscape you may not otherwise be able to from indoors.
  • Add beauty and safety with accents: Not just for aesthetic purposes, accent lights are a smart way to brighten locations that could be used as places to hide. You can place accents in flower beds outside first-floor windows, adjacent to retaining walls, or next to trees and hedges. These lights produce a stunning effect while enhancing your safety.
  • Shine light on the edges of your property: A layered approach should also address your perimeter. Illuminating your fence, gates, and outer edges of your property will help deter burglars.

How To Enhance Protection With Interior Lighting in Elizabethtown

Home security lighting in Elizabethtown consists of more than merely exterior illumination. Your inside lights are critical in boosting safety as well. Smart bulbs that can be implemented into your home protection package are worthwhile for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • Scheduling: Set your lights to a schedule and give the impression people are home. This is an easy deterrent and a wise strategy if you’re away.
  • Access from any location: If you take a trip but neglect to put lights on a schedule, you can still activate them with your handy smartphone app.
  • Integration with other security devices: If the motion sensor on your outside camera triggers, you might have your foyer light inside switch on automatically. This functionality is an additional way to deter trespassers.

Discourage Burglars Even More With A Home Security System In Elizabethtown From Secure24 Alarm Systems

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